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About Us

Rated Art is a film production company that provides services related to Film and TV industry. Rated art also provides administration, marketing & advertising consultancy services at various levels.


Rated Art is lead by President/CEO Deisi Del Toro. Deisi is a Film Director, Producer and an Actor. Deisi manages and directs all the creative elements and components of offered services. Deisi is versatile in Acting, Reading, Writing, and adding Edits to scripts, storyboards of commercials, setting the blocking for Actors, Models, Musicians & Entertainers and collaborating with Editors during pre-filming, and post-production to create a visually appealing and captivating final product.

Deisi Del Toro, is behind the creative power of Rated Art. Deisi looks forward to creating more successful productions and events in collaboration with many wonderful talent from around the world.

Deisi's latest work is "Melt On This Music" where Musicians of all-singing genres compete for the opportunity to earn a spot to become part of one of the future movie. Deisi produced eight episodes as the artists' audition and overcome obstacles in order to create original music.

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