Rated Art aka Deisi Del Toro Productions current projects:

Pre-Production for the next Feature Film:

"4 Dias" will be filming in Florida this winter. Mrs. Maria Medina, co-owner of Dezerland Park Orlando, wrote this screenplay. An unexpected event in Orlando reunites four friends for a long weekend. Their experiences in those four days change the vision they have of their own life.

Filming begins on August 17, 2021, for the 9 episode series:

"Melt On This Music" Musicians of all-singing genres compete for the opportunity to earn a spot to become part of the movie "4 Dias" soundtrack. We will watch nine episodes as the artists' audition and overcome obstacles in order to create original music. One lucky winner will sing the main song of the movie.

Desi Del Toro, is the lady behind the creative power of Rated Art, LLC.  She came up with this venue in order to bring to life many ideas that would not otherwise have a place to be fruitful. Deisi looks forward to creating a successful Feature Film in collaboration with many wonderfully talented actors from around the world. She also cannot wait to become a partner and connect as many local and global businesses as possible.
When we stand together for a great cause, such as making our dreams come true, we can all benefit. When we find a mutually beneficial partnership and create a win-win situation everyone involved is a winner. Sharing the success and labor that goes into a great creation can bring many an accomplishment to enjoy and celebrate.